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Our ‘No Calculation’ 2 Round Points Table

2 Round Points Table


Our ‘Knock-Out’ Points Table

In an effort to keep the pointscore figures aligned with our 2-round points table, we’ve revised the Knock Out comps Points Table.  e.g. the maximum points for winning all rounds in the May comp is 42 points. (84 points in the double point December comp)

Knock Out Points Table


The ‘Handicap’ Division Format  (A.C.W.A)

This “Anyone Can Win Award” surfing format has been added to our club’s regular divisions, and in no way impacts on the current formats being used. With some basic maths involved, J.D has provided some information about its origin, and to help decipher the way it works…


…The ‘Golf style’ handicap format was attempted by our club (explained in an article for our ‘On The Nose’ newsletter) a little over 20 years ago. The author was the perennial club comp finalist and legend, Johnny Giles. His insight saw a new contest format where everyone regardless of age, ability, gender or equipment, is given an equal chance to win their heat.

Mathematical sports handicapping has been used by century-old sports like golf, horse racing, yachting and athletics.

Unfortunately, Johnny’s concept never came to fruition back then, but now with basic computer software and to validate Gilsey’s vision, the club will now follow other groups who’ve already adopted it:

  • RedBull Break 5: Pro Long & Short board
  • Club Mal.com.au: (Gerroa)
  • Indian Ocean Longboard Club.com.au

A great deal of appreciation goes to our committee, the many members in support of the idea and the invaluable advice received from the Indian Ocean Longboard Club. 

How it works:

  • Financial members qualify by obtaining an ‘Average Score’, from their previous 6 comp score results.
  • This Average score is compared with their next comp score (2 round format).
  • The comparison between the two scores returns a higher (positive) or lower (negative) difference.
  • The surfer with the highest or best ‘difference’ in each heat, wins the heat.
  • Like Golf, a competitor’s only goal is to try to improve on their previous score.

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