32nd CJ SNOWY McAlister Longboarding Festival

Hosted by the MMBC, 8–9 June 2019, Manly Beach Australia

What a great weekend that was, here are the results. Click on the Gallery link below to see the photos from the weekend.
Thanks to our sponsors, competitors and everyone who came down and watched!

Look forward to seeing you all again for next years comp, we’ll keep you posted.

2019 Results

Open Men’s
1 Christian Pimm
2 Cameron Gray
3 Matthew Cockayne
4 Braden O'Rourke
5 William Crowe6
6. Lawrence Harkness

Open Log
1. Lawrence Harkness
2. Cameron Gray
3. William Crowe
4. Matthew Cockayne
5. Tom Bennett
6. Archer Drinan

Over 45s
1. Sean Dry
2. David Witt
3. David Witt
4. John Skinner
5. Simon Cox
6. Jason Hogg

Open Women’s
1. Sammy Simmons
2. Tully White
3. Maddi Ross
4. Kate Moran
5. Lucy Small
6. Erin Judd

Over 50 Log
1. Sam Mrkic
2. Tim Reilly
3. John Fraser
4. Steve O'Donnell
5. George Haskas
6. David Ryan

Over 55s
1. John Fraser
2. Peter English
3. John Skinner
4.Rob Smith
5. Alex Hay-Mackenzie
6. Michael Bullivant

Open Junior’s
1. Harry Maskell
2. Lachie Meakes
3. JJ Tualima
4. Harrison Stewart
5. Duncan Cowan
6. Jayben Poy

Junior Log
1. Harry Maskell
2. Lachie Meakes
3. Duncan Cowan
4. Harrison Stewart
5. JJ Tualima
6. Jayben Poy

Old Mal
1. Lawrence Harkness
2. Cameron Gray
3. Tom Bennett
4. Samuel Tehan
5. Lachie Meakes
6. Archer Drinan

Over 35s
1.Christian Pimm
2. David Witt
3. Mick Northcott
4. Samuel Tehan
5. Rob Smith
6. Adam McManus

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the history of The Snowy

Learn more about the man himself Charles Justin ‘Snowy’ McAlister aka ‘The Father
of Australian Surfing’, plus check out past winners.


Surf the snowy

We will keep you posted when the entries will open for the 33rd CJ McAlister Longboarding Festival in 2020.


The daily breakdown

Please make sure you are at the beach well before the first heat in your division
and you are signed in to surf. Find out more on when your heat is up.


board and Surfing requirements

Find out more on the board criteria for the comp and how the waves are judged too!


Photos of the snowy

Check out the past and present photo’s of the The Snowy!

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