Our good old trendy trailer needs a new home and a new driver!


Its been a while since we’ve asked, but our good old trendy trailer needs a new home to go to after each comp and it needs a driver/car to get it there, they can be different!

The call is out there, we’re looking for someone who has space at their home on on their street to house the trailer between comps. We’re also looking for a car and driver to get it to its new home, it can be one person or it can be two to share the love! The club is willing to pay the car/driver if they don’t already have a tow bar on their car.

Anyone who is interested to help out (much appreciated) please get in contact!
Kate Moran | 0403 744 389
Cam Gray | 0402 356 075

2018 Presentation Night

The 2018 season has been run and won, here are the winners:
Ladies Sammy Simmons
Juniors Lachie Meakes
B grade Sam Mrkic
Log Curtis Wright
A grade Tom Oliver

Most improved
Ken Gray
Best Tube Ride Curtis Wright
Best Wipe Out Declan Wyton
Big Kahuna George Scopelitis
Junior Development Lachie Meakes
Junior Encouragement Jahva Gray
Roger Kieran George Scopelitis

We had more fun than Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Thanks to an unbelievable committee and to all the members of Mmbc merry Christmas. Stay safe, be good, and see you all on February 3rd. As Lachie Meakes said - I’m counting the days - Andy Dennis

Thanks Olitas for the photos!

5 Ways 2018

As the sun rose on another beautiful Northern Beaches day, so did the start of another edition of the 5 Ways. As the everyone congregated on the dunes of mid-curly, so did the anticipation of the members of each club, that this year was going to be their year to take home the title.

As the surf check was done, the boards unloaded and the tents set up, the word was travelling around camps of a rule change from the host club of a thruster-judged comp. A mild state of confusion was amongst the clubs, as a large number of the members thrive off hanging heels and dropping knees with only the 1 fin. But in typical Manly fashion, “Bring it on” was the call.

The first few heats hit the water in stock standard Curly conditions. A crumbling 2fter out the back into a “who dares wins” style shorey. The first few heats were seeming challenging but as I sat there and watched heat after heat, I was really becoming more and more impressed of the standard of young longboarders that were on show! The likes of Tully, Lachie and Archer were turning heads as they made it look easier than convincing Cam to go for a cold one of a Friday arvo! And the veterans were also flying the Manly flag proud, as the likes of Poggy and Sam showed they still have it in the locker.

As the day started to draw towards the end, the anticipation started to rise up to see if we had done enough. The green grenades started to crack and the car park filled as friends from rival clubs started swapping stories of the day as well as the past. The numbers started getting read out and within a matter of time, club prez Andy Dennis was striding forward to collect what we had all come for. MMBC had taken out the 2018 5Ways!!!

Congrats to every single shredder that helped us bring home the title as well as everyone who helped put the day together! The 5 ways trophy is back on Carlton St where it belongs! See ya out there! - Mitch Wright

21st Team: Tully White, Lynden Riley, Tom Bennett, Curtis Wright, Sam Tegan, Sammy Simmons, Paul O’Grady, Jack Entwistle, Cam Gray, Lachie Meakes, Will Price, Blake King, Declan Wyton, Archie Drinan