2018 Presentation Night

The 2018 season has been run and won, here are the winners:
Ladies Sammy Simmons
Juniors Lachie Meakes
B grade Sam Mrkic
Log Curtis Wright
A grade Tom Oliver

Most improved
Ken Gray
Best Tube Ride Curtis Wright
Best Wipe Out Declan Wyton
Big Kahuna George Scopelitis
Junior Development Lachie Meakes
Junior Encouragement Jahva Gray
Roger Kieran George Scopelitis

We had more fun than Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Thanks to an unbelievable committee and to all the members of Mmbc merry Christmas. Stay safe, be good, and see you all on February 3rd. As Lachie Meakes said - I’m counting the days - Andy Dennis

Thanks Olitas for the photos!